Hey Gang!
Sorry for the lackage of updates but I have been working on stuff! It weird for the first time ever I am kind of KIND OF so busy with commissioned work that I am having a hard time finding time to work on my own stuff!! Kind of cool? Im a little proud!

Portrait commission from a photo simply pulled from facebook! I took out the hand with the cell phone and added another palm tree for some balance. Turned out nicely! 14 x 11 oil on canvas.

This is Otis, another commission. He is an 2nd year anniversary present from a super sweet husband to his wife. The client wasn't quite sure how he wanted this done so I took advantage of the opportunity to do some something different. 9 x 12 Oil on board.

This was for my moms bedroom. Right above the bed. I really wanted to try drawing it in charcoal sealing it and kind of staining color with oil paint and sealing again. It 30 x 40 in. Charcoal, matte medium, and oil on board.

This is a logo/branding job I got. Its weird that someone saw my stuff and thought YES!! This lady should design our logo but they did and I am not complaining! These were some initial sketched ideas for the brands logo. "Fast is Fun" phrase has been patient by my client and he is developing a sporty clothing line to go along with it and I am in charge of branding it (and maybe even t-shirt designs in the future)! Craziness. The ones on the right turned out to be waaaay too wild for him, but we are developing the one icon on the left. More to come later.

Ohhhhh this. This is kind of my first illustration job for a client where I sent an invoice and price quote and got a check in the mail and everything! It a comic for a "newspaper style" newsletter for a company. The design firm writes it and kind of does a like MS Paint mock-up of what they want it to look like and I draw it better, haha. Its a simple job but I am proud just the same...!! They liked it so much I am doing two more for them! Woo-hoo REHIRED! Feels good.


I GOT NEW GLASSES and they are soooooo fine!!! I love'em. I was sooo tired of my last ones. These are snazzy old man style Ray Bans and they make me super happy!


B.Wallz said...

Sweet stuff Babs! Glad to hear the real world is being kind to you.

Barbara Tarr said...

thanks b.wallz!
real life is scary...but exciting!!

but scary haha

Jennifer Guzmán said...

I am a bird lover, but that doggy painting is soooo delicious! And that floral board, it's gessoed wood? and you sealed it with matte medium? Congrats on th illustration job! And yes, shades are wayyy nice :)

Janna Morton said...

Nice shades! Oh yea and arts is nice, too ~.'

Jimmy Malone said...

Superfine Specs!