Face Painting and Dress Up!

UHHHHH....I draw a real illustration soon I promise.

Playing around with new painty brushes in photoshop. These are lined up in the order they were drawn sooo progression! Behold it! Im gunna do a few more for some friends because they one take like an hour and I love my friends so LUCKY THEM ;)
also Im going to FINALLY finish that true blood piece next to watch out!


Bmaddock said...

YOU ARE DOING ONE OF ME??????????? :)hahahaha

damon said...


Fizeau said...

Hey Babs --

Did you see the courtroom sketches of Lindsay Lohan? They're really beautiful!



Barbara Tarr said...

Bethany - NO! haha ....maybe.

damon - thanks!

Fizeau - Those are nice! Thanks for sharing :)

Nicole said...

funky blog! I quite like your stuff! :)