Poise & Pen

Hey fashion forward blog followers! 

My friend Haley and I have started a little fashion blog collab called "Poise & Pen" where she poses and I draw! It's a lot of fun! Please check it out. :) 



Where Did 2012 Go?

Hi blog, I totally abandon you for a whole year. Im real sorry about that.  

Partly blame blogspot cause it is a nightmare to use, but also myself. Good new is I will be updating you again! Here are few of my favorite pieces from the past year. Enjoy them! 


"Red and Harley"
"Skater Chick"
Just playing with some new brushes here....
"Yo Gurl"
Wormwood Characters - Gunsmith, Blacksmith, Brothel Madame


Tattoo'd Pin-Up

New piece!! Been working on her on and off for a while now. Hope yall like her. I have been the worst about this blog lately but its about it to get real busy soon so stay tuned!

I'm starting a new comic soon! Nine pages full color!!!! It's going to be in a anthology! I'm really excited about it. It's going to be a real challenge and I'm really hungry for one. The very multi-talented Dan Krall even wrote the story for me!

It's going to be really nice to post some concepts and things to share since I haven't been allowed to show anything I've been doing at work for the past...oh say, A YEAR IN FEBRUARY! The game comes out in March so stay turned cause Im gunna get to post all the characters and monsters and concepts I've been doing for the game its gunna be sweeeeeeeeet. It's gunna be on facebook to so everyone can play it if they want and its free!

Work keeps me really busy and since Im drawing like everyday it really sucks up all my serious art juices. All I have for really have time for is doodles and anything else takes me forever to do BUT if it wont annoy anyone who follows I'd love to post more sketches here. Holiday Doodle coming soon! :)



Blowin' off steam at work. I have to do lots of technical things I have to do at work when we build characters to animate so its nice to just so a little painterly things! I LOVE DOING FACES. I gotta start a doodle blog or make this into one.


Heat Wave Homage

Hope yall are finding someway to stay cool, here is a little doodle I did today :)


True Blood

New piece, I started this while I was still in school and every once in a while I would start up on it again but I would never get far but with the new season out... I finally found the drive to finish! I think this took me so long to finish cause I had to tackle so many thing I've never even come close to drawing before frogs, snakes, swamp and crocodiles. I dont love this piece but I like it. It was definitely a good stepping stone, I do not want to draw things in fear that I wouldnt be able to draw them right.

New True Blood season is slowly growing on me.


"Zach" the Pet Tales Heart Throb!

I recently started working as a game artist for social gaming company called Rivet Games! They just soft launched a new Facebook game called Pet Tales and I helped design the only human in it and still design the park decor items. The game is about you restoring an old abandon pet park and making it beautiful again! It's a super cute game and kind of addicting once you get into it. Please give it a try :)

This is the character design evolution of your pet park "neighbor" Zach, he is in the game basically to show you how cool your park can be. See him in action here! ==> http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=204238782942601