Roller Derby 2.0

Here is a flyer to go with the poster I did the the Rolling Bulls event.
Pretty happy with it! For this one they just asked for a derby girl chancing a dude. I was like...."4 x 6 in. vertical chase scene? How do I make that work....." My brain is so dumb I always think of the most lamest most obvious interpretation thing first but I pushed through and got something pretty neat I think. Also....I drew I dude! I like him but he not quick as cartoony as the lady, need to doodle them more. Anyway enjoy!
Graphics by [mRko]


damon said...


Lamar Mathurin said...

sic! and I loove your banner!

Barbara Tarr said...

I didnt do the banner, but glad you like the illustration!

CA3 said...

The gal on the roller skates about to gore the guy is just awesome.