Thesis II

Since I am TAing for Dan's Lifestyles class I am doing a different thesis this semester.
Over break I thought about what I used to draw when I was l
ittle and it was basically fanart of all my favorite cartoons(SAILOR MOON) and how much fun I had doing that because I loved the show or the characters and all that jazz. So basically for this semester I am doing a grown up version of that, haha. Editorial illustrations for magazines and websites like Entertain Weekly, ect.

Here is the line-up so far:
House MD
30 Rock - Kenneth Portrait
True Blood
The Office
The Big Bang Theory

So first I am doing House. And after some sketches I started to pose fo
r reference
. Check out the hilarity of me posing as Gregory
House M.D.
took a few screen caps from actually episodes. I saved interesting faces he
was making.
I really liked the "get out of my face, I'm a medical rock star
no pictures please!" idea, haha. So I did a little photoshop with the last pictures, slightly changing his expression aaaand blam-o!
I'm HOUSE! Haha, I thought this was too funny to keep to myself. Gunna sketch this today and make up a hallway or something. Finshed piece next week!


Caitlyn said...

omg i can't wait for the kenneth portrait. it's gonna be epic.

Janna Morton said...

Oh man, that photomanip is hilarious!