Style Buddies

Models for dressing for my Lifestyles class.Babs, Lola, and Corbin Dallas. You shut your mouth
their my models I can name them whatever I want! And yes that first one is me, again shut you mouth, lol.

I am just TAing but I can help but really want to do the assignments!

I just did white people....I feel kinda bad...

Don't make fun of Corbin Dallas' Robert Pattinson hair...Or his gayface.
Gayface is fine... I just want to draw some guys with out beautiful perfect
faces at dome point... I tried to give him facial hair to manly him up and
but believe it or not he just looked more gay after that, lol.

Anyway, more coming soon!


Abby Boeh said...


:D They're wonderful.

Barbara Tarr said...

i knoooow!! PISS. haha check out the revised version here. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_MCdd2XMKCGs/S1ya4iBTkAI/AAAAAAAAAxE/v8b3YiNTH6Q/s1600-h/models.jpg

less gay....but not by much