This is a commission from a radiologist. It's going to hang in his office. Apparently, it's a common saying for radiology students meaning something like to not be wishy-washy when reading an x-ray. This was fun to do.

This portrait commission was a challenge the way the it was huge (30 x 40) and that the clients wanted a full body portrait and all I had was his head. I took a picture of a friend and with the magic of photoshop gave him a body. This portrait basically paid for my trip to japan! It was fun to work on a portrait so large, I have never done one this big.

Another portrait I worked on over my hiatus was a couple of kids on the beach...it took me a ridiculous amount of time to finish because the photo was taken from the 1990s its a fuzzy and all the details and color in the photo was washed out from the sun. I had to make a lot up. I will not take low quality photos ever again...unless I get a lot more money for them.

Another commission I had was to paint the image on the book cover of Ernest Hemmingway's "Death in the Afternoon". The illustration on the front was really gorgeous. I didnt look to see who did it orginially but here is the cover and my painting.

Another last thing. My friend Bethany Maddock, an GD major at MICA asked me to sketch some robots for her for one of her projects. And this was the result! I think it turned out pretty neat. Yay collaboration.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bahb-ra, Kenny here.
oh my gad babs you're so legit!
have a fun time in japan, mannnn.

Dolleface said...


also look at all this real illustratey shit and commissions YOU ARE A MAN AMONG MEN

As always, fabulous work!

Snooglerat said...

How much do you charge for portrait commissions? Do you paint with oils?

Snooglerat said...