Righteous Apparel now Versus Apparel

These first images are from my final for Illustration Concepts I. Righteous Apparel is a clothing line concept brainchild of my friend David Seay and myself. We want to make clothing line with more of a message but not in your face about it. The more we work on it the more I realize what a balancing act it is. For some legal issues "Righteous Apparel" had to be changed to "Versus Apparel". Below is a temperary logo I did for "Versus Apparel".

The graphic designer David hired Maggie Campbell took that logo and came up with these great solid logo designs that we will use interchangeable between the fashion line and the athletic apparel line. I think they turned out really cool. Any feedback is welcome! Please check it out :)

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Ala said...

sweeet. i saw a pic of you wearing that shirt in the third pic from the top, the one with the gold v's across the shoulders - LOVE IT, was wondering you where you got it - Adelia