Brand X

My first cover of anything ever! Very exciting. Within my first two weeks of my brand new full time big girl job I got a my first real freelance editorial illustration job AND my friend was visiting from out of town sleeping in my room and it was due in 6 days and I was working 8 hour days with an hour commute. It was not an easy week, I had a lot of sleepless nights this week. I had to rush rush rush with this because I had very little time. I would have liked to spend more time on it, but what can you do??

The article for a magazine called Brand X. Its fairly new and LA based. My good friend Niv Bavarsky had done a cover for them back in October so I was in good company. ;) The article was about the concert in Dallas called South by South West. LA bands meet Austin, TX. They wanted some like bright colors, hispers kids rockin' cowboy things (hats, boots, belt buckles) cacti with the Hollywood sign behind them. I thought they looked a little cowboy hipsters in LA that was so I put the Austin capital building and the Hollywood sign clashing in the background. It was fun a assignment for sure! If your in LA you might be able to pick one up!

PS - Yesterday I drew all day at work FOR WORK. It was awesome. I love my job.


Jhonatan Silva said...

muito bom o seu estilo de ilustração, parabéns!

Krista said...

Thanks again for this one, Babs! Readers really loved the cover. You did a great job.

Mr. Trick Question said...

I'm really proud of you!

Christ Our King Choir said...
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