These are pictures from the new Tin Tin movie, not that I have a special place in my heart for Tin Tin but why OH WHY do they think the more real a 3-d animated movie looks the better! It doesnt!!! It just looks creepy! The Incredibles is the perfect example where it was done right, even disney seems to be getting it with Tangled. STOP IT. 60/40 rule. MAYBE EVEN 70/30! It should be 60% cartoony and 40% percent real... Ok. Rant over. Thanks for listening internet.

Sorry for no illustrations lately...thats gunna change soon promise! Lots of projects on my plate right now all freelance all not quite the dream jobs BUT making money for moving and surviving it no.1 priority right now. PS - My birthday is in 11 days. Woo! 23...Its my lucky number. Good things coming this year, I can feel in my bones.


Will Laren said...

I would have actually have preferred a live action tintin movie to this malarky

Barbara Tarr said...

i agree, its tiring to look at!

Ultra Fem said...

Agreed. Incredibles did it right.