doodle filler and fun links

I feel weird posting on my blog with out some kind of drawing because Im sure that why %99.9 of you want to see soooo here doodle of my cutey outfit I was wearin' today but MOSTLY I just wanted to share this super neato blog:

This blog is kinda of amazing for cartooning or just being smart about image making with figures in it in general. I need to find more things like this now that Im out of school. Refreshers are so important, gotta always keep on drawing and learning.



Sam Bosma said...


Jimmy Malone said...

Like the outfit and love the links. Cool character design ideas. So, are you going to reply to the craigslist posting?

Mattbarry said...

please, oh please tell me you're replying to that craigslist ad. it is the most fantastic thing i've seen all summer.

Barbara Tarr said...

Sam - Thanks! Those links are awesome!

Jimmy and Matt- NO! Hahaha But maybe secretly

Caitlyn said...

I can't believe the Craigslist guy is named Booger. BOOGER.