Woo! Its up and running!

Please take a second and look around if you have a tumblr follow me! :)
It was designed by the lovely and talented Julia Kostreva! She had the brilliant idea to make it a tumblr that way if people enjoyed what they saw, they could quickly reblog it or "heart" it.

I might post things that aren't strictly artwork on this now, like good music or a funny thing here or there because I don't have to use it as a portfolio site anymore. I promise nothing too annoying. If that is upsetting to you... just follow my website. That is going to be strictly work!

Also here is a sketch for the True Blood piece. Im not sure when this is going to be done I have -no joke - like 7 papers to write. BARF.

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Sam Gauss said...

omg, yes. Love True Blood.