Senior Show Layout

Its a rough mock up....but it'll look something like this I hope.
Top right open for awesome to be created between now and the senior show, hopefully a True Blood illustration will go there :)


Mattbarry said...

so, i have to say that i love the hogwarts hoes being in your show. so good. like, the cherry on top good.

hi. i'm matthew. i'm a long time follower and first time commenter here at mica. it might be weirder to add that whenever i see you i want to run up and just say, 'i'm a big fan.' before running off embarrassed and red. thanks to the internet, you need not see my red cheeks.

needlesstosay, i like this alot. and i really want to the the trueblood illustration. my figures are crossed for it have a ridiculous amount of inappropriateness in it.

Barbara Tarr said...

Mattbarry : Thats the sweetest comment ever :)

Please do not be shy and say hello to me! Im very friendly! I can even how you around my studio if you like? Are you en illustration major?

Mattbarry said...

haha. yep. i'm an illustration major, although for my freshman elective i took the intro to fibers class, which really opened me to a lot more than i thought it would.

but, i will say hi the next time i actually see you. it will be awkward and swell.