GLEE! sketch

Here is my sketch for.... GLEE!
This show is so Cheese-town USA so I thought what's more cheesy and artificial the the '50s? So I decided to put them in a snazzy staged soda shop parlor with Sue of course sneering in the corner. Its not quite there yet but its coming along... Im excited to start coloring it and to be done with it because like an IDIOT I tried to include most of the cast. Comments and helpful hints welcome.


B.Wallz said...

Babs, this is amazing, you've managed to keep the characters recognizable, but your stylization is very playful. Brava!

Jimmy said...

I love how you got everyone in there! It's so perfect! I think you did a great job with Finn's face (yeah, baby!) I love, love, love it! I'd only recommend that you pay just a little more attention to the consistency of your cartooning. The girls look like they are 80% realistic and the guys look like they are more like 90%. But that's not really a big thing.