Art Smarket

Here are a preview of the T-shirts I getting printed!
Also any lithography print that I did in Japan will be on sale as well as some digital prints.
It you are unable to come to Art Market and are interested in anything please contact me :)


Jimmy said...

Hey, girl! Love the shirts. I think the hard edge at the top of the head on the figure in the last shirt design is a bit of a problem. Maybe you could have a mirror image of the girl reflected vertically that starts at the top of her head (so there are two girls connected at the head, one upside-down and the other rightside-up) or maybe just some handlettering to cover the area where the top of her head should be? anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing your shirts this week at artmarket! Lookin' sexy!

Anonymous said...


Barbara Tarr said...


I added a the top of her head for the original file! lol

When I was mocking it up I was like can I get away with thaaaaat...............no. haha

You better buy one!! XD

Lori Waltenbury said...

Crap! I love this!

Can I buy the one with the two mirrored ladies?