I was reeeeally bored today. These are of my roommate Laura. I am trying to conviece her to go Blonde!!. Just like Amber Rose!

oekaki inspired by my new do.


Alyse said...

hey, stumbled over here from DA. lovely stuff you got up =] crazy awesome illus. skills. didn't know you were attending MICA. i'm glad you like it because i've heard a few horror stories from that place.
i'll keep checking back, looking forward to more good stuff ^^

Barbara Tarr said...

Bah! MICA great, I love it.

Thanks for checking it out! yea! Please do! :)

Cam Floyd said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. That last one has a real nice finish to it. saxy too! looking forward to school!